It was the desire to create an object that can be used as a symbol of taking a
mental breathing space, which inspired the idea for ANGEL. And that opened
up the possibility of a creative collaboration with the design duo Steffensen & Würtz.

”After a very hectic period, it became clear to me, how essential it is to remember to
unpluck now and then. And I wanted to create an object that could be a reminder of
the importance of drawing energy from daily mental pauses. At first I only wrote down
words to clarify what needed to be expressed in the design.

"And the more thoughts, sketches and experiments I worked my way through, it
became clear to me that this object had to be reduced to its simplest form -
but that a strong symbolic had to be used to communicate the story about searching
for peace of mind. And the silhouette with the halo raised above the flame of the
candle was shaped.

”When form and story were about to connect, it felt right to involve Thomas (Steffensen)
and Pia (Würtz) in the finishing process. Including others makes you look at the object with
fresh eyes and the details are refined. Same thing happened here. Thomas and Pia have a
traditional Danish design background. They say:

"For us design is a matter of matter of honesty, curiosity, precision and then it is very
much about creating products that are interesting, functional and value adding.

The result is an ANGEL, supposed to create an atmosphere of peace, without making a
great fuss of itself.


Steffensen & Würtz is a Danish design duo. The studio is located in Aalborg,

in the North of Jutland. On their CV, they already have a number of interesting

design projects and a Red Dot Award.


ANGEL is a candleholder. Or. Maybe a little candle installation which plays with
a religious symbol. Just as when a child is dressed up as an angel, it carries its
halo on a stick that trembles stilly when stir occurs around it. And magic might
occur when darkness falls and the ANGEL casts a halo-like shadow on the ceiling above. 


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