The multi-talented Maria Ellermann has a varied work life.  The world she
juggles consists of everything from soft,  often dramatic, brushstrokes
on canvases, large wall paintings, to living models in front of the camera
and creative artwork. 

"I like to alternate and mix the different modes of expression. It brings
a strong energy into my work life. In the beginning when I had just chosen to
start my own business, I was worried whether the broadness of my work areas
would make me look unprofessional and unfocused, but it has really never been
a problem. Honestly, probably the reverse.

"No matter what type of visual task I throw myself into, the starting point is
always to communicate atmospheres and individual stories. I pay attention to
details and when dealing with graphic artwork, I often start by making
free-hand drawings. By that, I can quickly encapsulate the story.

Maria is the artist behind TO BE Continued’s figurative logo. The logo
is a surreal fusion of a pencil, a bird and the tail of a fish –and
connects architectural lines with the joy of storytelling and
‘the twisted element’.
"The creative life unfolds in Maria’s allotment hut and in the joint office,
‘Syndikatet’, in the centre of Aalborg. The two different worlds – with both
inwardly and outwardly focused roles – suits Maria well.
The locations provide inspiration, each in their own ways.

You can see much more of Maria’s work on Instagram.

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