"Flowers are generally perceived as a feminine element. This was interesting to challenge.
From that thought arose the idea about drawing a masculine and powerful vase, which challenges
the prettiness of flowers and moves the balance when decorating our homes.
"We were in the search for a distinctive expression. We wanted the vase to change between
two characters: the elegant and the rebellious – with or without the leather decoration.
But it was equally important to achieve an aesthetical and balanced design. From the fashion industry,
we got a hold of some extravagant materials. And as we progressed we were able to consider
the balance and contrast between glass, leather and metal. 






"Because when you work with opposites, it is possible to create a special tension in the design.
While elegant + elegant equals ‘extra elegant’. Elegant + raw can result in ‘something interesting’,
which again can add some individuality to the overall space design. That’s how we imagine BADASS
should be used. As an object that stands out and plays part  in making the surrounding objects
look even more beautiful. 
"We believe that the textured leather, the painted edges, the silver hardware and the
large embossed numbers make the decoration visually appealing. You sense the craftsmanship
that’s put into every single strap. And that makes the vase decorative, even when it is not in use.



Christian Helmer is fashion designer, with fur and leather as his areas of speciality, and on his CV,

he has numerous well-known fashion houses written. As co-designer of the decoration, BADASS,

he uses his design expertise for the first time in the furniture and interior world.